Good Causes

Since we were chartered in 2007 we have donated over €76,000 to various good causes, both here on Gozo and abroad. Currently, the club is focusing on a new project: to foster the career aspirations the young of Gozo. We have founded the Gozo Vocational Fund and, with the support of the Ministry of Gozo, are actively seeking young people who might benefit from a grant. In the past, we have helped many Good Causes…

At Home


Working with Arka we were able to present some new, specialised, beds for use by patients at the local hospital.

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New patient beds

CCU Foundation

As our first major cause, the club was pleased to support the CCU Foundation establishing a sorely needed critical care unit in the Gozo General Hospital.
The provision of monitors and other equipment has allowed for patients in desperate need of care to be treated in the CCU Ward of Gozo General Hospital rather than facing a trip to the Mater Dei Hospital on Malta.

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Friends of the Sick and Elderly on Gozo (FSEG)

Our work with the Friends of the Sick and the Elderly in Gozo (FSEG) is a permanent project that helped the charity acquire a permanent premises, the new centre officially opened in December 2010.

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Rotarians gather to await the opening of the new FSEG Distribution Centre


Following a presentation by the Director of OASI, Father Emmanuel Cordina, our members donated funds to support the fine work being carried out and agreed to consider future support projects.
The Gozo-based OASI Foundation is well known for its preventive education, crisis intervention, treatment of and rehabilitation from drug abuse.

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Presentation of Funds

The Philip Sandars Foundation

We also supported the procurement of heart monitoring equipment by fundraising in support of the Philip Sandars Memorial Fund.
Our main event was a summer garden party hosted by Rotarian Pauline Sandars whose hard work, along with that of her family, did so much to achieve our target.

Garden Party

Wirt Għawdex

We have provided funds to Wirt Għawdex, whose aims include fostering knowledge of, and safeguarding, the natural, archaeological, historical and anthropological heritage of the islands of Gozo and Comino.
The organisation has also undertaken restoration works for several important site on the islands.

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Wirt Għawdex Flag ruffled by a breeze

And Abroad

Community Project in Guatemala

We provided funds to a Community Project in Guatemala after receiving an excellent talk by the project organiser.

Calle del Arco, Antigua Guatemala

Disaster Relief (various)

Sometimes things just happen that we feel the need to respond to with donations of funds or supplies made on a one off basis when a call is raised for disaster relief efforts.

Supplies wait for collection after donations arrive from multiple countries

Happy Moments in Kenya

Happy Moments is a unique charity set up and run Mike Weimar, a German expatriate with a mission to focus resources to people directly at point of need with no, or a minimum, of costly administration along the way.
Recent Projects have seen a new Kindergarten and a computer centre being built and staffed.

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Kindergarten Class