Gozo Vocational Fund

What is the Gozo Vocational Fund?

The Fund’s purpose is to help young Gozitans further their careers on the island, by providing some funding that would not otherwise be available from family, government or other sources.

What is the money spent on?

The Fund provides money to help develop trade, craft or artisan skills, to encourage managerial or entrepreneurial development, or to support a career in the arts. Examples of what can be funded include:

  • Short courses of study
  • Personal tuition or mentoring
  • Tools, books or similar materials
  • Assisted work placement

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What do I need to understand before I apply?

You must be a Maltese citizen and live on Gozo. There are no specific requirements for formal educational qualifications, but ideally you should either be studying for relevant qualifications or already in a job linked to what you want the money for.

You must be able to show that you have a genuine commitment to a particular job or career path and have already taken steps to achieve your goal.

Understand that the Fund is not for long-term support. Instead, we are talking about meeting a specific and quite short-term need. That means that we do not make available large amounts of money to any one individual: we’re talking hundreds, not thousands of euros.

It’s also important to know that any money is paid directly to the third parties providing the services or goods for which Fund support is agreed.

It is not paid to you as an individual.

How can I apply?

There are two ways to begin the process:

  1. Fill in an application form yourself and send it off
  2. Find a supporter to help you make contact

Finding a supporter shouldn't be hard, try talking to a well respected person in your village such as your parish priest, a local councillor, lawyer or policeman, someone who knows you and would be prepared to support you in making contact with the Fund. Ask them to visit this website or give them a copy of the brochure, which is downloadable below, so that they know what the Fund is about, and what can and cannot be considered.

Ask your Supporter to contact the President of Rotary (in English, in the first instance) by email to president@rotarygozo.org, or, if you would prefer to send him a letter his mailing address is:

  • The President, Rotary Club of Gozo
  • "Victoria"
  • Triq Frangisk u Roza Camilleri
  • Kercem
  • Gozo
  • KCM1126

If what you want to do complies with the aims of the Fund, we’ll arrange an initial meeting between you, your Supporter and someone from Rotary (normally the person from Rotary will speak Maltese, but we can’t always promise this). This meeting will let us gain a better understanding about you and decide about filling out a formal application.

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